Next Art Show – Hazel Bradshaw July 8 9 10 15 16 17

1st – 8th Feb 2022


In the meantime, we are hosting “Village Hall Matters” a new comedy by the Brett Valley Collective June 9 10 11
And curating a pop-up art sale in St Mary’s Church on a theme of Flowers and Music, including works by local artists and slected pictures from the Hadleigh Old School “Benton End” Collection June 24 25 26


‘Spring and Summer Flowers’ by Sir Cedric Morris
Image ©2020 Ian Grutchfield Use with kind permission Cedric Morris Estate


Living Artists

Various Dates






Supporting our Community



In 2022 we will be supporting FutureSense (Peru), CALM (Mental Health) and Friends of St Mary’s & Deanery Tower (Hadleigh)


Image ‘Hadleigh Tower’ ©2020 Gerard Stamp

Phoenix Eating its Tail – Ceramic by Genista Ana Dunham

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